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My Journey

I was born on a cold night in November in a little shanty shack of a house in the country fields of Texas. One of eight children birthed by a mother with a sixth grade education. Dirt poor and without much of a future one might say. 

​However​, I was fortunate. My mother, while not well educated, was extremely smart. She knew the importance of an education and determined that she would do whatever was necessary to make sure her children did not lack for food and an educational opportunity. She worked as a domestic washing windows, scrubbing floors and whatever jobs came her way. At the age of 5 my father walked away and never was a part of life thereafter.

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I grew up never realizing how poor I was because mother sheltered us as best she could. I had a favorite pet, a dog named Butch, who was truly my best friend. We hunted and fished together and had many adventures and some harrowing experiences with some of the wild animals encountered on occasion. Later I realized that those experiences helped shape my attitude and ability to deal with challenges that stood in the way of my getting to wherever I wanted to go.

​One of the best things that happened to me was a mother who absolutely would not allow any of her children to give up. The word "can't" just wasn't allowed. That was the driving force that kept me going as well as her strength and leadership. 

​At the age of 12 my mother was treated unfairly by an insurance company and its agent that took advantage of her. I was too young to do anything about it but resolved to grow up and become an attorney and to represent those who could not fend for themselves. Mom couldn't afford to pay for college, but we devised a plan. I would join the armed service and get the G.I. Bill behind me and attend college once I finished my tour of duty. That was the foundation of my learning to plan and execute and understanding how to get things done if you really want to make something happen. It has stayed with me until now and has never failed. Plan and execute.

Planning and Execution. The Key To Success In Anything! 

​I executed the plan created at the age of 12. The journey took me to the military, the war zone and through many life growth experiences. I was proud to serve my country and although now one of thousands of disabled American veterans I don't regret one moment of the experience.

I went on to attend undergraduate college and ultimately to law school earning a doctorate in law and a masters in taxation. For several years I also served as a Judge Pro Tem sitting as a judge hearing and ruling on civil matters and disputes​. The journey also brought licensing in real estate, insurance and a general engineering license in construction.

Over the years I became an entrepreneur owning and operating several businesses such as a BBQ manufacturing company, owned and operated a restaurant, opened, managed and successfully operated a real estate and insurance brokerage and built a law practice serving small businesses and professional service providers. For 30 years I have concentrated on and learned the ends and outs of what it takes to make a business successful, what works, and why.​ It can be systematized and streamlined and put on automatic to become an income generating machine. That's what I do for individuals, small businesses and professional service providers.  I have been cited by the major news stations for expertise in the area of business development.

The Journey Continues​

Our firm has been recognized throughout the community for our support of children’s organizations, the homeless, veterans organizations, churches and social organizations such as the National Urban League, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), the American Diabetes Association and a host of others. We are especially pleased to be an integral part of the mentoring and teaching of groups of underprivileged children and young adults in an entrepreneur academy in association with the University of San Diego and Mira Mesa College. I currently serve on the advisory board of Mira Mesa College business division and am a member of the North San Diego County Chamber of Commerce where I serve on the Military Transition Council which helps military personnel transition from military service to the civilian work environment. 

Our Motto Is "Making a World of Difference Helping People to Prosper"

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